Jul 14, 2010

ahhh the internet, how i love you.

its true.
cause i am on uni holidays, i have been megavideo'ing and youtube'ing, blog reading and song downloading like a mofo. as such my internet decided to punish me and slowed itself down. thanks bigpond... you really know how to get a GEN Y'er down.
hence the lack of updates/posts/and just whimsical shizzz that i post on here.
but hey, i am slowly creeping up in the followers count. THANKS GUYS :)
however, i am not here to boast that my internet is up again (which it is). i am however sharing some cool shizz news.
well, that is all relative really.
I AM A) heading back to uni for another semester.. woooooot! 3 years down, one more to go.
B) going to another threaded show this friday. yessssssh, i am doing the makeup and hair. FOR ONE TEASPOON!!!! so excited. I will try my damndest to get some pictures so I can share.
C) and lastly.. there is another RACHEL ZOE PROJECT coming on soon. hahahahaa....
lol, i cant wait. it is going to be ba-na-nas.

As part of the promo they got Amy Philips on board to do a parody and stuff for RZ's website and newsletter. Amy Phillips was huge on Youtube as a mega RZ clone. She basically impersonates RZ, and has got the impression down to a T. so talented. so it is nice, to see that RZ can laught at herself.. but i seriously die (and cringe) cause... on one hand i love RZ and all her crazy practices. but on the other, Amy Phillips is a genius! Watch down bellllowwww....

So yah, I cant wait for the third season. :)
I am absolutely 98% a ZoeBOT and love her stylings.

kazz; xo amped+dangerous.

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