Jul 6, 2010

mommy's girl

i am in every sense of the word: cool.
i am off to finally go and see twilight's eclipse.
with my mother.
i am no fangirl, i heart the books - the movies are aiiiight. however, the third book is by far my favourite.
so i cant wait to see it.

cheerio chaps.
i have learnt, that i am out of topics to talk about :(
anyone have any suggestions? make-up tips maybs?
i am trying hardcore to try and get an outfit post happening.. but i have no idea how to start.
i unfortunately do not have a photographer waiting on me to take photos for.

OH, P.S!
i went to the Brisbane, Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week (Volunteer) Casting last night.. - holly dooley that was a mouthful - anyway, the head coordinator recognised me and was like "Oh yes I know you very well"..

HOLD UP! now is that a good thing? or a bad thing?
hopefully good, sticking with positive thoughts here. :)
so maybeh.. just maybeh yours truly will get to go to another Mercedes Benz Fashion Week EXTRAVAGANZAAAAA! I know the reputation with these usually is bitch and hectic. Which it was last year.. but I had a lot of fun, and met some cool people. SO BRING IT ON BIIIIITCHES!

 lots of love,
kazz; xo amped+dangerous.

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