Jul 16, 2010

kelly cutrone, you go on my wall now.

ohmaaaaaa gosh.
i often relish in continuing my obsession for idols, and people to look up to when forging my own career path. and i feel that it is strongly due to the fact that when i was younger, i lacked in this department. people would be like: so kazz, who is your icon? and i'd be like: oprah?
i was 7.
so this is basically a justification for my next obsession.
not since lizzie grub (pr guru from PR GIRLS)  was on tv, gracing me with her practitioner presence and opening my eyes to the big and beautiful world of public relations; have i had a pr mentor (ish person).
well thanks to grubman having been incarcerated for drink driving (i highly doubt my mother would be impressed that this lady was once a mentor) i have found my new public relations mentor/idol/guru/obsession. meh, some people might think: laaaaame.. wow how so obvious. but whatever trevor (oh, sorry, your name isnt trevor? hi i'm kazz).
(KC and her daughter)
kelly cutrone heads the pr firm: People's Revolution (hello.. i think this company name deserves best double entendre/creativity award for best firm name EVER!) and i want to be part of it. lol, seriously. this chick has balls and some. you've seen her on The City as Whitney Port's mentor. And after watching last night's episode of The City, i was like, okay. i need to consume every bit of media written by/about/for/with one Kelly Cutrone.
starting with her book so ingeniously titled: "If You Have To Cry, Then Go Outside. And other things your mother never told you".
so on last night's episode of The City, basically KC is like slammin down Whitney Port about her choice in PR firm: whatever one they were talking about.. i can not for the life of me find out/remember. KC was like : “I don’t need to defend my agency against a girl who wears pink. It’s a waste of my time. SHE WEARS PINK?!”  Oh man.. that was just hilarious.

arghhh and the amazing power stance that i have been trying out all night.
similar to erin's pissed of stance from the same The City (Elle's PR professional).

i do some of my best obsessing in the middle of the night.
i am writing this at 1:21AM, still in my work uniform.

love love,
kazz; xo amped+dangerous.

on a slight tangent here: this song provoked me to write a blog. lol
cause i didint follow through with the advice these uni holidays.
but hellz, i gots a lot of shizz done. i shouldnt beat myself up about it.

Le Tigre - Get off the Internet .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

again, cheers :)

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