Apr 7, 2010

eppiiic easter breakfast.

this past easter long wkend, me and besties kayls + chloe organised a megggaaa epic easter breakfast.
we had 12 people to come around to feast at kaley's parents house. it was an awesome day.
i want to thank kayls (for offering her house and credit card), laura (for her awesome camera, for all these great pics) and everyone who came :), eating our food and not vommiting really makes my day.
but this breakfast was the brain child of kaley, and deffs a dream come true. haha

what started out as a humble hangover cure for four hungover teens, has now turned into a fully fledged breakfast bonanza. we were called the blueberry gang (look out for the facebook page lol), for what we specialise in is blueberry pancakes. but this easter long wkend we stepped up to the plate. the following was the menu:-
Fruit Salad of Seasonal Fruits
Blueberry and Banana Loaf Bread
A variety of muffins: 
Raspberry and White Chocolate,
Chocolate and Coconut,
and Orange and Poppyseed
French Toast 
Bacon, Spinach, Onion, Tomato and Egg Tart
Fry Up that consisted of:
Bacon, Sausages, Fried Egg, Tomatoes, Mushrooms
Home Made sauces which consisted of:
Lemon Curd, 
Caramel Sauce, 
Berry Compote.
lol, i must stress (as i am verrrrry proud of our efforts) that this was allllll made from scratch and nothing was pre-made. yeah, so it took us like 3 days to cook it all. hahahaha... but so worth it.
now enough of borrrrring write-up, i know you want to get to the photos :)

 seriously, everyone should host one :)
for more inspiration go to simplybreakfast.blogspot.com
kazz; xo

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