Apr 8, 2010

$374.95 away.

from getting my beloved EOS, i think i should name it.
wow, since the ipod, have i not had an amazing technology babeh to get excited abt.
most ppl have pets, clothes, shoes (or actual kids) that they cherish..
i am not most people, as you would have already guessed by now. haha
to me technology gizmos and gadgets are my "cherished ones".
and EOS1000D will the the next one :) since my ipod.
i guess i should have been as excited when i got my blackberry.. lol
oh yeah - dnt think alot of you know (and by alot of you i mean 5 WOOOOO!) i got a blackberry bold. lol its like amazing and i feel like amazing every time i whip it out. hahaha.. lame? NOT LAME ENOUGH!
anywayyyyz i am starting a super secret project - which i am pitching to my super secret partner (if she accepts the challenge) that will require LIL'EOS (yeah i think i am going to call it LIL'EOS).
and i am officially $374.95 away from acquiring her. i just feel soooo many opportunities will arise from having her :)
but i do hope that i look as cool as this chick when i do.. hahah
this was a photo shoot for Vogue Pelle magazine by Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist himself - about bloggers and how cool they are becoming, and how everyone wants a voice - (no matter if there is an audience  to hear them.) i love the idea and would like a copy of this issue (pretty pls ). Schuman liked the idea of styling the model (the blogger) as more stylish than the people she takes photos of/blog about.
its pretty much amazing.
[images via the sartoriliast/blogspot.]

kazz; xo

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