Apr 9, 2010

DIY: Balmain Inspired Top?

aint no party like a D.I.Y Party, how awesome would that be!! A D.I.Y Party,  *crickets?...
I got inspired by a new blog that I am following (so pretty sure you should subscribe too!) It is the amazing woman Park & Cube, she has sooo many awesome D.I.Y ideas, and shows you a step-by-step guide on how to get your hands on the latest trends/fashion without spending the big bucks. so this is my creation down below... lol its my first tutorial, so bear with me peeps. also, i apologise in advance for the shiatsu picture quality.. my actual camera ran out of battery (EVEN THOUGH I FRIGGIN CHARGED THE THING OVERNIGHT!) uhm.. yes. off we go:
What you're going to need:
1. Studs, gold or silver - depending on how it will fit with the rest of your wardrobe - I got mine from Lincraft - they were soooo super duper cheap, only problem they were mixed gold and silver studs, so I had to buy a couple of packets to get enough gold ones. ANDDDDD SCISSORS!
2. A problem shirt that you dnt mind hacking into.
Mine - Sportsgirl Khaki top that i have worn multiple times, and it was stretching and getting really boring, it was in dire need of an update :)

I wanted to cut my 3/4 sleeves into a short sleeve top, so I put the shirt on, and made a mark with a pencil on where I wanted the sleeve to end, and folded the shirt in two, so i would get the same length on both sleeves. I also cut the sleeves in a curve, only cause I like it that way. If your shirt is ready to go then just skip these steps.

Only thing you need to remember is that once you have inserted all your studs, get a the back of the scicors or a mallet if you can find one - and just softly tap the studs in place.. this will make sure that studs dont fall off or anything..
Lol, it didint actualy take me that long to stud, I chose to stud around the sleeves all the way at the front, and only halfway in the back of the sleeves.  And this is all I did, cause I ran out of gold studs. Hahaha.. But belive me, I would have gone crazy with studding had I acquired more of the studs. IE you could have gone up a line with the sleeve stud, and gone all out and actually studded the whole sleeve, now that would have been bangin! You could have also studded the neck line, and created a jewelled tee, thats all the rage in Amercia at the mo. But I wanted it pretty simple cause, I know I would bling it up with jewellery. I am hopefully wearing the top next Saturday night, or tonight - so i will definitely show a "ACTION" shot when i get a chance. 

kazz; xo


  1. hey, good idea =) now i feel like doing something myself too =D


  2. thanks so much :)
    and yessss! you should so try it. it was simple.


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