Apr 15, 2010

crazy smazy.

not many pictures, just words today.
i am sitting here writing with M.I.A appropriately blaring in my ears.
now playing: 10 dollar - where she actually sings in tamil. which i love :D

the past couple of weeks have been crazy, and i wish could say things like - i got a pr job, or got my camera, or other fabulous etc things, like many other bloggers i have been reading.
but alas, i have been inundated with uni work :S
i wish i could just be like - you know what, i'm just going to run away now (preferably Fiji/Bali with my a towel and money to buy islander clothes) and just stay there till all my assignments are done and all the workness has completed itself, and i just had high distinctions and thousands of dollars to come home too. hahaha.. oh what a life that would be :)
updates? i have none at the moment - apart from the fact that i am super*duper jealous that i realised today that alot of ppl are graduating this year ie. CHLOEEEEE and i am stuck at uni for another year.
also that i have re-ignited my passion for an overseas exchange program toooo NEW YORK! lol where else? i did extensive research (read: not that much) and realised that i dnt really need $10,000 straight up to go there :) the government is so kindly willing to loan me some (apparently), and i can also apply for scholarships (joy!), Centrelink will continue to pay me for my youth-ness *which i need to apply for again... as an independant  ...and if all else fails the exchange faculty has offered me some money. haha i am most definitely a charity case in regards to travelling to the big apple. butttt - yep there is a but.
i cant seem to find a uni that is close to NYC. hahaaha.. i was looking at one - and it is literaly on the other side of the state.. no where near NYC. i found two univeristies that looked good - but are not in NY, which kinda defeats my excitement for this topic. haha, but they are Purdue in Indiana... :D and San Jose which is in California (?) i think... anyway i am waiting for mother dearest to come home so i can talk to abt this shizz, as i am still uncapable of dealing with these things myself. haha

next. my hair app is tomorrow with the ever sought after Mark at Crawfords!!!!!
actually i am prett damned excited abt that. although i have no idea what i want - cause really my hair only needs a healthy trim.. but i would prefer a makeover :)
i was thinking balayage !!! - google it, ;)
and probs will get a whole chunk off, as they are all dead. ughhhhh
but while mark is performing his magic. i will be furiously reading lecture content and weekly readings to get ahead of assignments - no seriously, i am a ball of fun.
i need to stay motivated okay? :)
and thennnnnnn!
i am off next door to meet with the coolness that is gabrielle from toylandbabes to discuss our super not-secret project. lol. we are brainstorming ideas, and coming up with a name for our project.
i am super excited abt this too. and so should you !!

so i hope yall are enjoying beautiful weather - cause i am, it is no almost winter and i get to wear sweeeet-ass clothes like today i is wearing :
khakhi slouch pants - sportsgirl - which are cuffed(cause i am cool like that)
slouchy black top w/concave cut - kmart
blazer - katies - which i have exicetedly pinned a couple of brooches to its lapel
gold guess watch
target mushroom coloured flats - niiiiice.

i wish i could take a photo.. but i have no camera :(
seriously, my digital olympus us crapping up cause of the battery..
zo you will just have to use your imagination.

lots of love,
kazz; xo

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