Jan 28, 2010

home-grown styllers #3: Rachel M.

 #3: RACHEL M.!!!or Tattoos and Timelords or super cool BATS editor.
she's blonde, she has a hp scar tattooed on her finger,
and she is one of five creators of local Brisbane magazine BATS!
just a cool dawg.

Rachael M. January 27 at 10:56pm
1. i would have to say my fashion icon is...
Most definitely the combinations of a Native American dream, a Jurassic Park adventure, the tragedy of the Shewolf and the mysteries of the Timelord.

2. i cant leave the home without...
Something that I know will cause second-glances in the worst way possible.

3. my favourite nail colour is...
A navy blue base, slightly dab some yellow/green at the tip and finish with gold glitter. Hopefully it should resemble outer space: http://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t167/s_kittle/tumblr_ku7ir2iz9I1qzktlqo1_500.jpg

4. "when i grow up i wanna be"...
Able to get away with wearing costumes as clothing.

5. at the moment i am listening/reading/watching...
Recently I have taken to being quite fond of Elton John, and when I am walking drunkenly home I like to sing the Lion King to myself. Also there is something so pleasant about South American music and nothing more magical then African beats. I am reading Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters (an excellent remake of a boring old classic) and find myself ever in lust over Doctor Who.

6. my desktop wallpaper currently features...
An old world map covered with old drawings of animals and incoherent text. Also, if you tap the buffalo thrice with the mouse and wink at the hidden frog, a bridge troll appears at my door and tells me his hopes and dreams.

7. i reaalllllyyyy am ... at the moment
i reaalllllyyyy am a freak magnet at the moment. Today a man told me Anna Bligh and Kevin Rudd came over in the first fleet and had an affair, and that there is a “Rudd Island” in Sydney. YES.

8. one thing i wish would make a comeback in fashion would be...
well, if ‘future space odyssey’ was ever in fashion, I sincerely hope it makes a comeback. How I would love to raid Barbarella’s wardrobe.

9. currently i am answering these questions whilst...
listening for the crack of apparating wizards on the street. Also folding 1000 issues of a certain bats magazine.

10. i would love to plug my blog/tumblr/lookbook/twitter/myspace (woah)...
shameless self promotion aside; www.thispunk.blogspot.com, www.tattoosandtimelords.tumblr.com For only the filthy minded: www.batsmagazine.com 
(bless yer)

11. i mainly shop at...
churches with extremely pleasant old women who usually undercharge me because they usually like what I pick out (“Oh what a lovely soft material!” One remarked about a woolen bed sheet I had picked. “Yes I am planning to make a lamb jumpsuit out of it.” She happily wheezed away whilst charging me less for it). 

as you can tell, she is one funny girl. so be sure [insert irish accent here] be sure to check her out!

kazz; xo

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