Jan 27, 2010

home grown styllers. #2 "Indira/Juliet ♥."

#2: Indira (Een-Dee-Ruh) or Juliet ♥
a polyvore contact, from calcutta (india)
apparently a real lazy person. haha
on to the questions:

1. i would have to say my fashion icon is...
Hmm...my vintage icon is Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel.
But my 2009-10 icon has got to be Diane Kruger...she is STUNNING!
Never a bad fashion day...(:

2. i cant leave the home without...
I usually leave without quite afew things and return back to collect them;; Once I even forgot to put on my socks [they're a part of our uniform]. But I guess it has to be deo. I'd hate to stink up a place...(:

3. my favourite nail colour is...
All kinds of neon shades, blue, green, orange...bring on the rainbow...(:

4. "when i grow up i wanna be"...
A Goddess :D;;No I just want to wonderful ;)...seriously, maybe something to do with the fashion world, like a fashion journo or something...(:

5. at the moment i am listening/reading/watching...
I was listening to One Republic [Too Late to Apologize] and Watching The Nutty Professor and Reading Chemistry ):

6. my desktop wallpaper currently features...
The Cheshire Cat!
Love it...http://rack1.vladstudio.com/jpg_low/200x150/vladstudio_alice7_200x150.jpg

7. i reaalllllyyyy am ... at the moment
I am really excited because I'll be going out soon; We have a holiday today [India's republic day] so we're probably gonna have a bit of laid back fun..(;

8. one thing i wish would make a comeback in fashion would be...
hmm, I guess just a sense of simplicity like Coco Chanel's design. You know understated elegance. All the oomph, va va voom and craziness is all wow and all...but nothing beats a classic.

9. currently i am answering these questions whilst...
Watching The Nutty Professor... :D; Waiting for Batman Begins to air.

10. i would love to plug my blog/tumblr/lookbook/twitter/myspace (woah)...
I would love to plug my tumblr I think...I'm new at it...but I'd like to get photoshop and other such devices;;take up graphic design and ditch studies completely...
11. i usually shop at...
Benetton or Mango(MNG)

kazz; xo

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