Jan 27, 2010

home grown styllers. #1 "Jayde M."

#1: Jayde M.

she really is my friend. ;)
from high school. and has been a crazy fashion fanatix like me.
she polyvores/blogs/dresses up her cat edward in pearls.
so here we go with the questions!!

Jayde Martin January 27 at 9:41am
1. i would have to say my fashion icon is...
I love the styles of Anne Hathaway, Ashley Greene, Kristen Stewart and Katherine Heigl.

2. i cant leave the home without...
My handbag. In it is always my iPhone, purse, waterbottle, makeup bag and sunglasses.

3. my favourite nail colour is...
At the moment, Rimmel London's 'Your Majesty' which is a really great silver colour and their 'Green with Envy' which, ironically, is more turquoise than green. Love.

4. "when i grow up i wanna be"...
"Famous, I wanna be a star, I wanna be in movies." Wait . . . what?

5. at the moment i am listening/reading/watching...
Watching: The OC
Listening to: Paramore, Muse, Taylor Swift, Lady GaGa.
Reading: Sadly, nothing. I need to find some good new chick lit to bury my nose in.

6. my desktop wallpaper currently features...
My current literary love: Twilight.
B&E in the prom scene. Too cute.
(Don't judge!)

7. i reaalllllyyyy am ... at the moment
Hating my job.

8. one thing i wish would make a comeback in fashion would be...
Good Lord, I have noooooo idea.

9. currently i am answering these questions whilst...
Watching The OC/Twittering/blogging/Facebooking.

10. i would love to plug my blog/tumblr/lookbook/twitter/myspace (woah)...
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Jayde17
: http://myuberfablife.blogspot.com

kazz; xo

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