Jan 28, 2010

home-grown styller #5: EMPTY BONES

she is half canadian and half israeli currently occupying israel
we had a lengthy chat abt being from different countries, moving to different countries etc.
she is laid back and has killa style. so be sure to check out another polyvorian.
1. i would have to say my fashion icon is...
my fashion icon i'd say is alicepoint, the blogger.

2. i cant leave the home without...
i can't leave home with out tissues.

3. my favourite nail colour is...
my favourite nail colours are coral and red

4. "when i grow up i wanna be"...
when i grow up i wanna be in showbiz. like musicals and stuff. i love that :) and most of all not regret anything. just to be happy.
5. at the moment i am listening/reading/watching...
i am at the moment NOT listening to alot of things, and in fact AM listening to the computer buzz :) oh and my mom.

6. my desktop wallpaper currently features...
my desktop wallpaper features the cover of a Weepies Album "Say I Am You"

7. i reaalllllyyyy am ... at the moment
i reaallllllyyyy am nervous about missing a theatre rehearsal tonight, at the moment. that sentence would give my english teacher a heart attack.

8. one thing i wish would make a comeback in fashion would be...
a comeback in fashion? mmmm oh i donno. i love the 90's. tied button front shirts with high waist skirts, puffy jackets with colorful tights. that sort of stuff. but it sort of already came back. but i have no innovative ideas to offer :(

9. currently i am answering these questions whilst...
answering these questions instead of doing math.

10. i would love to plug my blog/tumblr/lookbook/twitter/myspace (woah)...
whaaaa ha i do not get this one. but myspace is sooo tenth grade.

kazz; xo

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