Jan 30, 2010

an independant woman.

my friend kayls has finally moved out of home. and into a new one...

lol. she has been dying to get out of the parental control. so today we are going to go and visit her in her new crib. as a house a housewarming present, me and chlo decided to make her a calender. i made the calender from scratch using a word template of Microsoft. I also used word/photoshop/polyvore to really make the calender unique. i callaged photos of the group and some fashion pieces all togetehr - and its really interesting (to say the least..) i am very proud of it, and chlo and kayls like it - so thats a plus.
but gosh, we decided to get it printed at officeworks - and holy crap the guy there stuffed that shizz up so mannyyyy times, luckily we didint have to pay for all that.
it cost AUD$31 to print and bind the calender.. quite exy(expensive) i thought. but oh well, twas worth it
so i would say a calender is a great home-warming present, slash any present occasion really. but i would say if you can-do print it at home.. and maybe splurge a bit by getting it binded at a store..

lol, maybe that can be the xmas present this year for everyone.. haha sounds expensive for something handmade/i made myself.
unlike my scrub that i made the girls - which was a big hit.
that cost me like a couple of dollars.. and it was sooooo easy to make.

what do you guys make?
any diy'ers among us??

also a lil note - i have decided to sell some shizz on ebay to get more moolah. hahah
as i am still unemployed. ;)
yay me.

i was looking for a picture as a header for this post right (the one i chose, is the one you see .. haha) but i came across this picture: i would love this wallpaper so i can stick all my photos - and the frames are just there!!!! :D

kazz; xo

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