Dec 21, 2009


yep, woah..
brittany murphy passed away yesterday.. :S
i loved this girl, the movies that i watched of hers were soooooo good.
she was in one of my all time favourite movie:


she died, of cardiac arrest - according to Perez Hilton
she was 32.  how craaazy is that?
she was also a singer.
Perez also reckons that drugs might have something to do with it...
She was in movies like:
  • Girl Interrupted
  • 8 Mile
  • Uptown Girls with Dakota Fanning
  • Little Black Book - which I LOVED
  • Sin City
  • Just Married with Ashton Kutcher who she dated
  • THE RAMEN GIRL!!!!!!!! this movie was great!
  • Love and Other Disasters - this is probably my  favourite Brittany Murphy there ever was. (apart from Clueless.. lol)
This movie was soooo funny, and smart.
but.. a bit on the corny side.
hey, if you're into that -rent it out.
its such a pretty movie.

i think she was the prettiest in this movie.


so, i am wikipediaing her right now..
she was in Sister, Sister!!! - I friggin loved that show.

(how awesome are the clothes haha.. gotta love the 90s)

but none the less
rip. beautiful brittany murphy.

kazz; xo

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