Dec 20, 2009

as promised..

breakfast was delicious..
attendees: chlo, kayls, aidan, storey dan saya..

the mixess..

fruit salad (isnt that a game?)
mango; nectarine; peach; contra-ban strawberries

always remember gang - coat your blueberries/fruit of your choice in flour before chucking it into the mixture.

fruiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. (no, duh! really?)
yeah. really.


halfway through cooking, we realised we forgot to add baking soda.
quite the professionals we are ;)

pain fran├žais
 (thank you, google translator)

yours, truly.

awwww.. kayls.
she leaves for us for a month touring south east asia.
have fun!!!! + bon voyage.

come on... this is just amazing..
(check the previous post for the menu on offer..)
lol... how healthy..
just to assure you.. we had fresh fruit.. ohmagosh! that mango was AMAZING!

ended the brunch with bit of a card game:
eloquently called "sh*thead"

lol, we have the best times at these breakfasts!!
haha, it was alot of fun
as put by aidan: "this is a tradition i(we) wouldn't mind keeping.." :)
i could see this being a charity idea..
or even as a mass gathering with friends and friends of friends..
even with the brooding weather.. :S

SO NOW! We need ideas, for breakfast/brunch for the next shindig.
anyone want to join?
hit me up: for an exclusive invite... haha.
or here obviously...

kazz; xo

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