Dec 22, 2009

finish line.

 i, have finally finish all my xmas shopping!! :)
how crazy. i am not usually this organised.
or excited!
i cant wait for peeps to open up their presents.
i hope you guys like em anyway...
i concur with my friend jaydey, that its a wrong move to post up present ideas on here,
as i never know.. who reads this. as some of them might read this and find out what i got 'em.

25/12/09 here i come!!!
plus any idea for xmas eve?
wht do i do?

lol, actually i will be at work - working like a slave.
for the man.
i hope no one comes in.
seriously? who eats out on xmas eve..?

weirdos. thats who.
except i hope "no-shirt" shows though.
mmm... he is welcome anytime.

kazz; xo