Dec 29, 2009

update: boxing day sales yall.

what i bought.
like i said... there wasnt much that i bought
as there wasnt much on sale.

but!!! what i did buy i heart.
very much.

Kenji slouched pocket tee.
was $30 - but i got the lady at the counter to take another 25% off.
heck yes!!!
- Myer.
I really like the Kenji line in Myer.
they have some reallly interesting stuff.
Dream Catcher'sh earings - to go with my necklace below (the Dream Catcher one)
The hand eye talisman. - Sportsgirl.
this picture doesnt do it justice.
but the whole talisma is silver with purple and blue rubies
Statement Necklace - quite long.. but beuatiful.
i am seeing myself wear this for NYE.
Diva Collections - DIVA
Dream Catcher Necklace - DIVA!
(yeah... you can see where my brother thought it would be funny to show his guns)
Kid Cudi - Man on the Moon
JB Hi Fi


2 shirts for my dad.. :)
and heaaaaps more bangles and bracelets for my cousins back in malaysia from diva.
they are gorgeous!!!
my brother who is leaving on thursday to go to m'sia ;'(
is taking them back for me.

went in to LUSH! today to take advantage of the buy 1 get one free deal-thingo.
i am sorry.. but the snow ferry and the xmas edition of the solid perfume..
did not smell good.
i mean.. i dnt things that smell like lollies.
its just weird to me.
and sportsgirl.. you barely ever! fail me,
but today - the store in the city was dreadful.
there were about 5 racks of skirts - some nice.. some way too short.
and nothing else..
what happened yo's?
oh well.

kazz; xo


Oh hello,