Dec 30, 2009

new music niggs.

first of all, let me share a secret with yo's/
one of the best places to find new music around the wide web would be the site HYPE MUSIC
basically this website works in this way:
bloggers of everywhere write about new music, like i am here.
and this site picks it up and compiles them all in lists for mere mortals like us to listen too. :)
i haven found alot of new artist through this site. and its one of my favourite and a constant tab when i have my mozilla open. ;)

so on to the new music at the mo.
i love xmas.. cause i always get cds. cause really if youre stuck in getting me a present - best bet is either a cd or a voucher to JB HiFi :D
and this year.. i was sooooo fortunate to score myself - both. :)

i got Mr. Buble, Michael's new cd - Crazy Love.

which is aaaaahhhhmaaaaaaazing! hahaha..
i haven't listened to it properly.. but so far my favorite track n there is his cover of Ella Fitzgerald's - Cry Me a River. It is amazing..

Second album i received for xmas issssss - Bluejuice <3 - Head of The Hawk.

these last three are my own pictures from when they played at Sound of Spring '08
where i fell in love with them.
(they say right at me and sandra at one point. and i got to touch him! - wow
i sound like a crazy bitch).

i seriously am in love with these boys. great music. great words and a great live act.
if you havent heard of them yet - youre crazy.
one of my favourite live acts hand down.
and i will be seeing them at BDO. :D :D :D
the album is pretty much them in nutshell.
triple j plays them on high rotation - so if youre a triple j nut - you've probably heard "I aint telling the truth no more" and "Broken Leg" but my favorite is "Truth Is"
well i cant find this song anywhere on the net. so you're going to have to buy it :D
*always buy aussie music.

Third album i received through the wonderful aid of JB HiFi voucher is one I was waiting forrrrr xmas.
Kid Cudi's Man on the Moon.

actually.. lol. i am listening to it now as I write to you.
:) so far it is amazing.. this definitely a "as youre going to bed" cd.
so chillaxed. and smooth.
Kid Cudi's voice is just smooooth, Hahah. and the album features some really out of teh box collaberations for a NY rapper.
some include. MGMT, Ratatat (whom i love), Kanye (<3), and Common.
my favourite of his at the moment is of course Pursuit of Happiness which features Ratatat. enjoy.

but yes ppl, it is a great work. no autotune shizz. or anything.. just pure soul and beats.

okay... last but definitely not freakin least.
is another new aussie introdution.
i heard of Bertie Blackman when i listen to her interview on TripleJ couple of weeks ago.,
and i was like - this chick is coooool.,

and started listening to her stuff on HYPE MUSIC
i recently got her album Secrets and Lies.
which is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!! i am go out there and call her the australian La Roux. but her music is sooo out theree. and awesome.
my favourite of her at the moment.. is teh first tracks of the independetly released and aria award winning album - Black Cats.
okay. so apologies.. cause this is a remix. but it stays kinda close to the original.. unlike the other ones.

but here's the original - her performing it in Brisbane..
so audio - not so great. doesnt do the song justice.

so anyway..
that is it from me now.
hey guess what ?!- nye tomorrow... :)
cant wait.
be safe niggs.
dont turn a night out in to a nightmare.

kazz; xo


  1. Dynamite...and i love your blog header!

  2. hahaha thanks :) it is sick. my mission is to find as many rings i can that match - so i can be as cool as this chick.


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