Dec 22, 2009

i have no idea..

why i like this song.
but i just do.
its corny, cheesy, and everything doritos related.
but, nonetheless. i heart it.
listen to it.

and another one.
i know we've all kind of heard this one, on the radio
but it is sooooo good.
a) cause it was on GG
2. auto-tuning in this one is the shizz.
c) its a great song.
4. it further proves my theory of covers/samples/and shizz.


enjoy mofos.
"when the roof came down, and the truth came out. i didint know what to do"
gosh, so i was just youtubing jason derulo. this boy takes after our flo-rida. he likes crazy sample shizz.
so i decided to put playlist together for yall.
a couple of songs with samples.
first one is Ridin' Solo where he samples Enya.
and the second one is Whatcha' Say where he samples Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek (geeezzzz Imogen Heap sounds alot like Bon Iver in this song).
if you havent heard of Bon Iver.
you need to be educated, and get yourself to youtube, or whatevs, and search that baby.

lol heres "JASON DERULO!"

hit me back, if you like any of this.. :)
or if you would like a personal class on bon iver.

kazz; xo

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