Oct 1, 2013


I can honestly put it out there that I can/will never get sick of this song. I think its absolutely pop-perfect in that signature Black Eyed Peas way. Don’t Phunk With My Heart is one of my all time Guilty Pleasures.

I have never been ashamed to admit that I am an avid fan of the Black Eyed Peas. In fact you can read my Will.I.Am Guilty Pleasure post here. I have their whole discography including pre-Fergie B.E.P as well as the newer ones, although I will admit it is not as good as traditional B.E.P stuff. I feel that a lot of B.E.P’s tracks are easy listening with really good story telling elements – which I appreciate! Some of my first memories of enjoying B.E.P songs are me making up music video ideas in my head to the songs.

Which brings me to easily transition to talk about the video clip for Don’t Phunk With My Heart. If you need a refresher or have never seen it – seriously click play below. It is seriously such a well produced and executed video clip! B.E.P have really memorable video clips, but this one for me takes the cake! 

Themed around the game show, the video clip really gives the song a different kind of energy. You could even mute the video, watch it, and still be enthralled by the content. Will.I.Am is super captivating in the way he breaks the fourth wall and sings into the camera. And hello – the amazing costume design! There are elements of 70s retro with a real modern street edge (for the mid 2000 anyway!) and I was seriously obsessed with Fergie’s hairstyles in this video – I wanted damn long braids too! And the cute boho scarf band towards the end – obsessed. 
 Join in my other Guilty Pleasures HERE. What's your guilty pleasure music video? 

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