Sep 26, 2013


My latest purchase was this beautiful J Crew woolen khaki coat I bought at my local Goodwill near work for $10!!!!! It was originally $19.99, but was on a half-off sale. Can you believe that?  

Seriously, thrifting (or op shopping as us Aussies know it as) is seriously on another level here in New York! Which shouldn't really come as surprise. But I was under the impression that because a majority of financially savvy New Yorkers would have cleaned out thrift stores around town. But boy was I wrong. I have consistently found amazing pieces at charity shops around New York City and Brooklyn. So I have found that these little tips have been really helping me score some good ones. 

  • Do a lot of research and figure out the closest/most convenient op shop you have - The more convenient it is, the more you will make an effort to go thrifting. 
  • Try and make it there every week. New stock gets on a weekly basis in op shops, so you can always find something!
  • Sign up to the newsletter - You will find out about special deals, discounts and opening specials. 
  • Get a loyalty card. In America - they even have loyalty/punch cards for op shops. Best idea ever!
  • Don't stick to size or gender restrictions. Especially if the store is having a sale, people will not be diligent in returning an item back to its appropriate place - some of the best finds are always hiding in the wrong spots. 
  • Hit up the "recently returned" racks that stand outside the changing rooms. Its like a specially curated section of items that other people have deemed worthy of trying on but for some reason didnt work. So when you have little to no time - hit it up first! 
  • Find a good seamstress - They can alter and fix amazing op shop items to be more wearable, and chances are these pieces will last a lot longer in your wardrobe. 

And honestly, it doesn't even matter where you in the world, these tips will serve you very well !

Can't get over how much I love this coat. 

Have you got any tips/tricks on how you thrift successfully? 

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