Feb 6, 2013


Sup Internet,
How you doing? Good. Me? Well, I've been one busy mofo. So much has been happening at A&D HQ from social to work engagements, 2013 had started off with a bang!

The biggest priority I have had is dutifully carrying out my role as maid of honour for my friend Chloe. Helping to organise a wedding is a scary and time consuming process. The last couple of weeks have been spent organising a bachelorette party fit for Chloe and we decided on a weekend away with drinks, pools, conversation and other NSFW activities ;) Food and drinks were organised, as was the guest list and booking the accommodation. But at the end of the day, Chloe had a wonderful time, as did all the other guests. So job well done.

Now its on to organising my dress (inspired by this beautiful Oscar De La Renta dress), shoes, hair and makeup! Aghhhhhh!!! I feel like I haven't left enough time to do any of this. In saying that, I do have a pretty good idea of what I would like for the big day.

#thebigwet - I hope everyone affected by the crazy tornado storms have recovered well from it all. It was pretty horrific to see the same cities and towns be affected yet again by Mother Nature. But great to see that the government have taken some serious measures to help people out. Thankfully I didn't get terribly affected except for losing some power and the internet. Which has now lasted till today. Boo Telstra, you whore.
Jobs, jobs and more jobs. I am now proudly employed as a Lushie (Lush Australia) for the Queen St team. I have been a crazy Lush fan for years (read here and here) and now I am finally part of the team doing all things social media and sales. Woo! But on top of that I am trying to grow the A&D empire. So to help that grow, other exciting progresses are happening as well - which unfortunately takes up a lot of my free time - can't quite reach Future Female Jay-Z status by idling by now, can I? So yes, 2013 is beginning very brightly!

How has your year started off? How are those new years resolutions going?
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If you made it through all that, then well done. I don't usually do like update posts, but I really felt like writing one. I've been a little more than busy, and I feel like I have written for ages! 

Talk soon

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