Jan 23, 2013


Guys, I gotta confess. I freaking love Wil.I.Am.

Well not that you didn’t know that already. The man’s reputation is a little like vegemite, you either like him or you don’t. I posted a track from the Black Eyed Peas leader a few weeks ago (click here for that NMM post) and I knew I would be in a world of shame for it. BUT WILL.I.AM LOVER DONT CARE.

When I heard Scream and Shout, I couldn't help but smile all the way through - whilst I was jumping up and down like an 18 year old at the Family (I totally mispent part of my youth at this hole). No one else can make such filthy sweet electro pop tracks like Will.I.Am can. I don’t have much patience for musicians like Calvin Harris, M83 or the likes, because that kind of repetitive jaring music does nothing for me. But when Will.I.Am does it, he executes the songs with just enough variety and changes, so that you can listen to it multiple times. I’ll admit, I don’t really listen to the words when it comes to this particular genre (cause who are we kidding, its never really that substantial) so the variety in beats and melody that Scream and Shout has, is just perfect for me.
Everyone has these types guilty pleasures, whether its for an artist, a particular song (Gangnam Style, anyone?) or for any facet of pop culture for that matter. And I wanted to take time today to discuss mine; Will.I.Am. He may make some sweet/filthy electro-pop these day, but his roots didn't start with techno, of course. He is responsible for some of my all time favourite songs ever! Of course my love for him started with Black Eyed Peas - I legit own all the albums except for the last one B.E.P released (cause seriously, that was some shit that I didn’t need cluttering my CD tower). His music prowess ranges from the hip hop to reggae and even latin inspired, like the one leading up to the World Cup a few years back. He doesn’t just rap and sing, he also co-produced all B.E.P albums. Will.I.Am is one very talented man.

One of my favourites of all time!

Then there was a solo stint in 2007, where Will.I.Am was responsible for the Songs About Girls album. Which is awesome by the way. He really shows off his softer side. But not without compromising the infectious tracks like The Donque Song and I Got It From My Mama. But my favourite from the album belongs to the oh so lovely track; Aint It Pretty.

His collaboration work is also equally as successful. And I’m not just talking about the recent track with (It’s) Britney (Bitch) Spears. Will.I.Am has worked with Justin Timberlake, Nikki Minaj, Usher and even English songstress Cheryl Cole. No one can deny that Will.I.Am is one hardworking musician. His songs rate and they rate very high, people know what they’re getting into when signing with a Will.I.Am production track. He has a way of pushing artist out of they own creative box and moulds them to be able to pull of (otherwise questionable) genre changes.  

So I am sure you can tell that I am very passionate about Will.I.Am. He is without a doubt one of my musical guilty pleasures. Who’s yours?

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  1. One Direction is without a doubt my guilty pleasure. I can't help it! They're too cute


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