Feb 28, 2013


Some pretty cray cray news came through this morning. Official partners and organisers of illustrious fashion street party; Fashion Night Out, have officially announced that the event will not be happening in the US this year. A country wide event that usually kicks off the NY Spring/Summer Fashion Week takes to the bench, with the event only running in selected international cities. 

Now, this sucks. Because I had the best time at last year's NYC Fashion Night Out event. It was great to be able to rub shoulders with bloggers, celebrities and just generally enthusiastic fashion lovers. You can read about that here and here. Organisers are hoping that by putting FNO US on hiatus, stores and brands can help save monies for more sales friendly uses (crazy...).
But this makes me think about the other "selected international" cities and whether or not they will take FULL ADVANTAGE of this situation. There are still celebrities and bloggers out there that who will want to celebrate the beginnings of a new fashion season. So, I'd be planning big and getting a budget together to get the party happening in said cities. Imagine what a game changer it would be for such a globalised fashion industry (in which we operate in) if you could help take focus away from NY and highlight your own city during such an important time in the industry and media landscape. 

Plan a huge party, get those celebrities and bloggers to you and stream live that shit across the world. Show them you can help fill the New York sized void in 2013. Hey Australia! You reading? 'Cause this was for you. 

Story via Paper Mag via WWD.

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