Jan 9, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I posted a mood board of some inspiration images covering people, prints and colours that were inspiring my dressing choices of late. And with 2013 looming I drew inspiration from these images to add some key pieces to my wardrobe that will carry me through to the spring/summer months. 

I went arm in arm with my Mum and we were both quite successful in our expedition. I knew I wanted to hit up the Endevour Foundation as they were having an "End of Year" sale where a lot of their stuff was reduced to $3!!! So we traveled to the one in Capalaba and on our road trip to Maleny found another on in the mountain town's center. In total I spent $20 for 5 pieces! I decided to bring a camera along with me and filmed some footage in the store. Have a look at how we went:

T-Shirts have been a massive staple of mine this summer. They can be paired with almost anything and I have been experimenting with clashing prints and colours. So this lilac and gold shirt are going to get great use! Now all I need is some denim overalls.

Out of the three piece checked set (which I got for $3!) I kept the skirt, as the other two pieces were pretty damn fugly.

I am so pysched about the polka dot dress and the very Josh Goot like top which I am hoping to pair with some pants I found on Asos. I love thrifting, there is a certain thrill associated with finding amazing pieces for such low prices.

Talk soon!

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