Dec 31, 2012


A totally arty and grungified DIY for your DIY December post today. Super simple, and you could be as creative as you want :) Read on to find out this handy DIY trick. 

During my inspiration hunt for my day of op shopping last week, I stumbled across this beautiful image of daisies in a field as well as the tank top of the giant painted daisy (I combined these two images together for this post). And as I am totally having a moment for daisies, I knew I just had to have a daisy t-shirt. 

So after exhausting all my online options - I just went ahead and decided to make my own. 'Cause thats what we do. This little trick comes to me from my Aunty who is a goddess of crafts. And she was sharing with me that you could actually make customised t-shirts by painting with basic acrylic paint, which is they made permanent by ironing over the design. .....It makes more sense below ;) 

1/ T-Shirt. I got mine from the gold mine that is Best & Less for $6. Brilliant. 
2/ Acrylic Paint. Its definitely the bets option for this DIY. Anything water based will obviously just wash away in the washing. So remember, ACRYLIC PAINT!
3/ Brushes. Unless you're going free form and doing it with your fingers, in which case GO FORTH!
4/ Iron. This is what helps the paint to stick to the t-shirt.
5/ Baking Paper. To lay on your design before you iron the shirt.

1/ Find inspiration and start mapping out your design. Mine is the above painted daisy tank top. Its just super 90s and soft grunge ;) HAH!

2/ Start painting! I used a basic 12 colour pallet and mixed my own colours. And then found this fabulous clear paint with iridescent glitter in it. If you wanted to make your own just add some fine glitter into a bottle of clear (un-washable) glue, and then used that to paint over your design.

3/ Let your t-shirt fully dry outside. 

4/ Place your t-shirt on an ironing board, lay some baking paper over the design and start ironing. You need to make sure that your iron is set on the lowest heating**

And et' voila you are done my friend. Here you have yourself a wonderfully customised and beautiful t-shirt. Try it out and let me know what you think! Can't wait to make a few more of these babies! 

Now, I haven't tried washing the t-shirt just yet. But I highly reccomend that you hand wash these t-shirts if you do try this DIY. The washing machine will be too rough for the DIY and could possibly wash away the paint. I love how my t-shirt turned out so much that I am not willing to risk it, haha. 

Happy DIY'ing friends, 

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  1. Rad inspiration (Y) Did you put the glitter on before or after ironing the image? x

    1. Awww thanks so much lovely!
      I painted on the glitter before ironing. Just make sure you lay some baking/cookie paper sheet over the design before ironing and you should be fine.

      Good luck! And make sure you let me know how your version goes!

  2. I am so doing this. I'm going to EDC and was about to buy a shirt that looks just like this for $42! I have paint and shirts! Thanks so much for the inspiration :D


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