Apr 25, 2012


First of all, Happy Anzac Day fellow Australians.

So. I bit the bullet and took advice from some very encouraging friends and opened up an online shop for a lot of my DIYs. So shop on through to A+D SHOP for some Neon Hardware.

I have been obsessed with hardware and industrial materials, and the way this looks against quite bright and contrasting neon colours. So I have been experimenting with different DIYs from the internet and some from my own imagination. I have had so much fun with this whole process that I actually went the full hog and started working on a digital look book - which is what we have below here.

Feel free to share this link to other neon accessory lovers. And as the look book's manifesto says:

Update**** Interestingly enough, I was featured on The Thousand website today in regards to these neon jewels. Very very very flattered. For that article, have a read here.

Wish me luck on this new adventure. Its going to be a short and sweet - as I am not planning to do it for the long run - ie. ALL THESE PIECES ARE ONE OFF'S AND UNIQUE :) For any information / queries - get in contact! All my social media links are on the left hand pane beside this post.

Have a good rest of your week,
Talk to you soon.

Even more recent update*** I will be selling my wares now on Etsy as well. So click here for that link.

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