Apr 22, 2012


I received a delightful invitation in the mail.
It was an invitation to a showing from a new Brisbane label: House of Cards. Now I was pretty excited, because the invitation was just gorgeous!!! Nice to see that not everyone has lost the art of snail mail.

House of Cards is a Brisbane born label ready to dabble in the fashion industry with one pretty vintage inspired outfit at a time :) But don't be fooled, House of Cards also do some pretty cool bolo ties and edgy crystal bullet necklaces.

Inspired by the everyday, the collection is cutely kitch with 50s inspired shapes and prints. Its a smart mix of vintage inspiration and modern day female aesthetics. Ashiya Omundsen, owner and designer of House of Cards says that the collection is also reminiscent of the seaside with Mediterranean hues and hand painted fishes taking a eclectic stand in the collection's prints (cute!). With a lot of the collection being hand dyed, the garments have a very soft and unobtrusive feel. But it also speaks of Ashiya's talent in being able to dabble in a multitude of creative processes. If you're in to pastels and pretty - but need the versatility of modern day dressing, then you should definitely check out House of Cards.

The new 2012 Spring/Summer collection will be officially launched in August, but in the mean time serve your House of Cards cravings at www.houseofcardsthelabel.com. Or alternatively get social at the official Facebook page.

Talk soon,
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