Apr 17, 2011


Imagine my absolute delight when I woke up on Wednesday morning to find a package waiting for me to open it up. I totally did not expect my Baxter Riding Boots that I had bought off eBay to arrive so early!!!
Then I realised I paid over $20 for postage...

Anyway, I was so exciiiiiited to try these on!
I had seen a gentleman wearing them with bright red socks, and I thought they were just so fashion forward!
I went searching for my own. Found these babies on eBay for $40 and lunged at the chance to own them. Considering these Australian made, all leather boots go for over $260 retail, grabbing them almost new for $60 -- it was definitely justified. Even though I couldn't afford it.
But I thought of them as an investment.

So they are a little scuffed, worn.
But that adds to the look - plus it means I don't have to hurt my feet trying to wear them out.
They are actually one size too big, but not too bad. However this does make me look like I have humungous feet! So the key for me is to dress it down a little edgy and a little feminine.
I plan on living in these this winter :)


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  1. $20 postage Ouch!, there lovely boots though problem worth it you would never get the cheap in a local shop, i paid $120 for mine in a shop but i have seen them for like over $200 in some shops.


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