Mar 31, 2011

apologies, so here's a Ke$ha cover!

Yes, I did miss a NEWMUSICMONDAY
And as my friend once said to me when you miss one, you're finished. Which I took as that he really just wanted me to keep going with my search for new music :) and not forget to post one.

So as a way of saying sozzzaaaa (sorry)
I am here with one of the most exciting finds this week.
It is so good, that I think it will overcast my non-post on Monday.

Are a duo on Youtube who (duh) cover songs. They have made some amazing covers all with a soft and earthy tone to it. I honestly believe that if these guy could get around the legal side of things, they should release an EP of all their covers, and it would do oh so well here in Australia.
The sound has a very Tame Impala vibe to it.
So who ever is managing Tame Impala - you should definitely get these guys to support the crew.

They have such a unique sound, and their video clips (all shot simply with a DLSR) just goes to show that you dont need a million dollar budget to make a hit.
All you need is talent. And thats all that matters.
As proven by the CvrBrthrs. Cause they managed to make a ridiculous (some say horrible) song by Ke$ha (Blow) and turn it in to a a beautifully mystical song.
Also, stay tuned for the end bit, for a raaaaaaaandom banana song :)

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