Oct 23, 2010

whip your hair into shape.

This little lady has more style and maturity in her dreds than most other female artists.

The bi product of a (female) entrepenuer and the fresh prince of Bel' Air, Willow Camille Rein Smith is blowing the bar way up high for new talent. How can you go wrong with pedigree like that?

This young thing has been making a lot of fuss lately over her choice of clothes attending fashion shows and red carpet events with the equally stylish Jada Pinkett Smith, and just this week her new single "Whip My Hair" was released, thanks to none other than Mr.Rockafella himself. Willow is signed to the genius Jay-Z's record label: Roc Nation.

She has been hailed as a Mini-Rihanna, but Willow certainly is rocking her own with this genre 9 year old style.
In an interview, Willow cites the song as empowering and just all around female power goodness. Which is probably heavily influenced thanks to Mrs. Pinkett Smith. The video is like so freaking awesome. CLICK HERE
These are some of the screen captures I took.

except for the gum.

Is it not absolutely refreshing for the younger generation to have someone edgy and down to earth to look to, rather than the usual over produced and neatly packaged Disney kids. Willow is their Lady Gaga and the reason for my green eyed jealousy.

Songs and projects like this make me uber excited but mainly jealous, cause I didint get to be a part of them. Hahaha...
Moments like these are ground breaking and quite possible one step away from becoming a movement.
Dont even pretend to think that younger kids are not going to love this song or her. They will want to dress a little edgier, and run around town with a mow-hawk and juke box in hand. 

I'm sorry... Shiloh and Suri who? Its all about Willow right now.
Whip it gurrrrrllllll. 

image sources: tumblr photos tagged with willow smith and my own screen captures from the video. 

kazz, ☮+ xo.

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