Jul 2, 2010

Lavender Dreams

So after exhausting all my subscriptions on Youtube. I have so many... haha..I thought I would post one more blog :) before I head off to work tonight.

So, ever since I saw that picture of Abbey Lee Kershaw with her cool pink dipped hair, I havewanted it. But I knew, that the only way to achieve that with my hair (being DARK and CURLY) it would need bleaching. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I know. It was pretty scary, I freaked my mum out. haha... I am pretty apt with curling and styling my hair.. and the occasional home dye projects but never have I ever bleached my hair...BUTTTT my longing for the cool dipped hair trend over powered my fear of forever ruining my hair! Haha..

So this is my story.

I went into Price Attack to get my supplies, originally my friend Gabs was going to do it.. so I knew I would be safe hands.. but she bailed. So I had to attempt the look myself. So I went to Price Attack and the girl there asked if I needed her help, and I was like "Yessss please". I basically blurted to her "I want to dye the ends of my hair a pale lavender colour... like my nails (I had Australis' Peek-A-Boo on) and I know I need to bleach my hair and then dye it that colour blah blah blah.."

Lol, she nodded  very patiently and smiled (I swear she thought I was some crazy nut case) But I digressed and mentiond that I basically needed all the stuff for that. She got a lil excited by that and basically pointed me in the right direction. She was ridiculously helpful and even went above the call of duty and wrote down what I needed to do and gave me cool hints and tips. SHE WAS THE BEST! Seriously people, always go to Price Attack for DIY hair trend projects. I definitely will be.

Now major disclaimer here.. you really need to bone up before attempting a crazy project like this.. cause basically if done wrong, you are literally going to fry your hair with the bleach. I went on the internet and researched hardcore (can you tell I am a uni student?), I even went on Youtube and watched videos on bleaching hair and read about bad bleaching accidents and what can happen when you bleach dark and curly hair.. yeah.

And thanks too all that.. the results of my home DIY bleach project went without a hitch. I love the result! The first time I did it.. no one really noticed it, cause it was quite subtle.. So, I decided I was confident enough to do the whole process a second time. And I did.. and it was much more nitoceable. I keep getting compliments on the project. And considering that I was quoted nearly $500 for the same look at a hairdressers, I am more than happy with my style.

Here are some pics (warning.. some major self whoring going on ;)



this is the first go, my hair is a lot more dipped dyed now.. haha

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