Jun 30, 2010

weird/random HAUL

Its that darned time again where I flaunt how I am a compulsive shopper ;)
Got a couple of interesting things.. and will now proceed to share that with you guys! haha
Pretty much bought all this stuff in the city, everything is there so I dont need to go anywhere to get that top or those shoes etc..
yeah like i said.. not really a great lot of purchasing going on.. but i thought i would share anyway.

COTTON ON - Boy's Cardigan (from $39.99 to $10)
i found this in the male section, where all the other great stuff is at.
and i do believe that most times than not, guys stuff is always cheaper than girls stuff. so please peeps dnt get turned off by the imaginary sexist line that shop ppl draw that separates the clothes. go to the dark side. if you have to pretend - pretend you're shopping for your brother/boyfriend.

HYPE DC - Cons; Low Slim ($90)
holy crap i fell hardcore for the guy that sold me these shoes. sooo cool. 
anyway, i bit the bullet and bought a proper pair of shoes for work. they had to be all black and they had to be converse. so they had to be Converse. I grew up in Cons, and will continue to wear them till they are no longer. To date I have owned over 7 pairs, which is alot considering I have always had to pay for them myself since I was like 13. 

PRICE ATTACK - Hair Stuff (All up $30)
so you can read more about what how I destroyed my hair more here and more about the products there too. heres that trusty link again. :) But what I will say here is that (and goes for the next two products) I though Priceline was the shizz with their vast range and cheap products. Alas, they are not. I got these stuff (where I could have bought them at Priceline) but were sooo much cheaper. I decided that I would try Price Attack which is basically an awesome place for all things hair and makeup tools. And they are definitely cheaper. So next time, for go Priceline and check out Price Attack. The staff there are also amazingly helpful and very very nice.

PRICE ATTACK - Fake Eyelashes ($8.99)
Well these were crap. I bought them for my Lady Gaga party.. and pfft the glue was shiatsu, and the yellow glitter kept falling out. never repurchase again! 

TARGET - RIMMEL DEAL ($12.99 and the Primer came free)
Now you guys know, I am loyal to my MAC (for my skin..), but I needed some fair foundation for my fashion show gig for Kids Wear Fur, and decided that I would get some.. Usually I make the models bring their own foundation, so I dont have to match three different skin tones. But a handy tip is to grab a light colour like this one.. and a darker foundation ( I used Australis' Mineral Foundation in Sand) and mix both colours on the back of your hand to get your perfect colour. Again, I decided that I would shop around a bit for makeup related stuff and went to Target. Surprisingly they have a much bigger range than Priceline. Especially when it comes to brands like Australis and Rimmel (my drugstore favourites). And cause of the mid year sale.. they are off loading all this stuff for a lot cheaper and with awesome deals. Like the buy a foundation and get a free product deals.

BODY SHOP & PRICE ATTACK - Foundation brush & Large Ecotools Shader brush ($25 & $5.99)
Price Attack was a lot cheaper when coming to price their Ecotools stuff, so I bought this large shader brush for $6!!!! And is so good as an all rounder. So if you have this brush.. you can do your shadown, crease and highlight. And I love ecotools, they are sustainable and are great brushes and last long. The Body Shop foundation brush isnt my favourite foundation brush..(my fingers work the same..) i feel that their bristles are too long for a foundation tool. But nevertheless they are so much cheaper than MAC/Napoleon brushes. The nice lady also gave me samples of the Tea Tree Facial Wash, to wash my brushes. Its a great concept, cause its a natural product, they are soft on your bristles (even the cheapo ones) and cause its Tea Tree, it acts as a anti-bacterial. With this knowledge in mind.. I dug through my cabinet and found some sensitive anti-bacterial wash. Which I will now use.. haha.. sorry Body Shop lady.. but I am not about to fork out $40 for a brush cleaner, thanks for the free samples though!

DAVID JONES - Turban (from $19.99 to $13)
Yeah, I dont know why.. I have had my eye on these babies for sooo long. AND I REALLLLLY WANTED ONE. So i felt that justified it. ;) haha I am still working out the kinks on how to wear one.. lol. But yep, get them while they are hot kids - they only had a couple left at the David Jones in the city. AND FOR $13, its practically a steal.

EBAY - Alexander Wang Inspired Cat Eye Sunglasses ($12 including shipping)
Words cannot describe how much I love these.

TEA CENTRE - Oolong, Mellow Cream ($6 for 50g)
After much deliberation and convincing, I gave the Tea Center a go. Now I am definitely a coffee lover too. Starbucks is my drug. Ice Cafe Mocha mu cure. But, I am definitely getting into this tea thing :) Yum.. this tea definitely cures a sweet tooth without the calories.

JB HI FI - Sia's We Are Born ($17.99) and Sleigh Bells' Treats ($14.99)
LOVE LOVE LOVE! GET THEM BOTH PEOPLE. Some people may not have heard of the Sleigh Bells much.. but I didint either. Until they were featured as the CD of the week on triple J. And I have not looked back since. They are an amazing alternative to dance music. For those parties where you are just sick of listening to techno but still want something to pump your jam to. Sia's songs are just so catchy and her voice.. is just so nice to listen to. 

So I saved up all my pennies (and finally figured out how to use the bath plug, um dont judge.. they are weird) and decided to lash out and get some bath bombs and bath melts :D and here they are.

Keep It Fluffy Bath Bomb ($6.50)

Flosty Gritter (how its spelt haha) ($7.50)

Bathos Bubble Bar Slice ($8.50)

Sakura Bath Bomb ($7.95)

And the awesome people at Lush (especially the girl who served me) gave me a sample of Porridge Soap. YAY!!!!

Here looking at you Chlo and Bills!!! :)

Once again, thanks for indulging in my shopping nonsense :)
kazz; xo amped+dangerous.

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