Jun 29, 2010

DIY Ideas + What I am consuming these 2010 winter holidays.

Some inspiration for crazy easy DIY ideas.
Ps, I will (definitely, I promise) post my DIY adventures from the last two weeks sooner rather than later :)

From SHOPWITHASIANSTEREOTYPES (so if you cant be bothered to DIY - then you can definitely buy).

2xshirts + scicors + time..;)

Bonds sweater (larger size) + scicors.

some new routines - applying blush according to the shape of ma face.
its pretty oval/round - therefore requiring a more structured application of blush ;)
(via http://www.beautyfool.net/applying-blush-according-to-your-face-shape)
I also have been delving into more RED blushes (like Chanel's Rouge) ++ also loving coral blushes. You could go for the obvious Benefit Coralista.. (boring and will set you back $40) or you could go for the perfect coral blush by Natio in Peach Glow. It is also a perfect all over face bronzer for the paler of our friends, beautifully demonstrated by Kaley here..Its perfect because it gives you a summery glow rather than a full on bronze effect which can sometimes look fake. 
I am also loving the effect of Nude Lipstick (I use Rimmel's Nude Attitude) with a wash of a coral lip gloss on top. I use Bloom's Coral Lipgloss. They are that perfect "oh i didint try too hard but still look haute with my nude lip". It is also a cool twist on the boring nude lip that goes around especially around winter time here..

Bronzer is still on the go.. except I use it as more of a contour powder. I use Maybelline's Mineral Bronzer in Medium. That motherf*cker has lasted me over 5 years.. and I want to land my hands on MAC's To The Beach Collection's bronzer. And I hate buying makeup when I havent finished using my current ones. Its just a waste.. I cringe hardocre when I see people (on Youtube especially) who buy doubles of lipsticks and blushes and 75 different brands of lipgloss all in the same damn colour. Like whats the point???

I am digging hardcore and wanting the new CDS of these talented people SIA/B.O.B/THE BASEMENT BIRDS ++ KELE (from BLOC PARTY).
Also, deciding on if I want to go to Parklife. They are exy tickets.. but I have heard a rumour that the lineup is worth it. I will research and let yall know.

wow.. some amazing new shows are running/ruining my life. :)

True Blood Season 3
-its twisted and weird. but absolutely addicting.. I even got my friend chlo on to it.

Pretty Little Liars (from book to television)
its a new show and already its like amazing.

Entourage Season 6 
-EFF YES! I have been waiting for this damned series to return from hiatus.. and it has :)

and wanting to watch...
How To Make It In America.. waiting for a DVD


Passion by Lousie Bagshawe
-anything Bagshawe is amazing..

Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia
-amazing illustrations and great handy hints

and wanting..
If You Have to Cry, then go outside. And other things your mother didint tell you by Kelly Cutrone
- you've seen her mentor Whitney and Lauren on The City (which might be getting cancelled NOOOOOO!). She is the head of People's Revolution (PR COMPANY). 
-read a review, surprisingly a good one. so I really need my hands on this. 



why yes.. I am a 90 year old lady. :|

kazz; xo amped+dangerous.

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