Jun 22, 2010

my moday

I thought I would share with you guys, my Monday.. it was yesterday. I had a very exciting and activity filled day. I dont usually do these kind of posts. But I took some cool pictures and I dont know, I wanted to share (slash) waiting to feel tired so that I can go to sleep :)
So the day started with me getting ready to go to a music festival that I volunteered for. It was called Fete de Le Musice (it is a french organisation that organised a similar event that happens in France.. here in Brisbane).
and they really did make music everywhere. It happened all over Brisbane city.. from Southbank all the way to the Valley. It was amazing.. and I really hoped people had fun and that it comes back next year! I might even volunteer as an artist.. rather than just an organiser. I got put as a "Pitch Manager" and basically I was in charge of one stage (in front of Mimco and Guess in Queen Plaza) AMAZING VENUE! Where two quartets and a solo singer entertained shoppers and passer bys in a guerilla performance like manner. And OHMYGOD! these quartets were amazing.... Brigidine High School and Carmody Quartet.
(you can barely see me there in the lime green above)
It was beautiful music. and I had soo much fun, and met some incredible people.
Then.. I get a text from my friend Aidan asking if I wanted to see his friend's band play live at X&Y (love), and I found out that they were also playing as part of Fete de le Musice. So I went home to go and get ready, but before I could head into the Valley, I had to go to a meeting at work. We did wine and food tasting. OH MAN IT WAS AMAZING. We got dished out wine after wine.. and tasted some of the best food and produce I have ever had in Australia. It was awesome. FREE FEED!!!
Then, I caught the bus into the valley and had desert in the form of ShliX YUMMMM...
 I then waited around for the two knuckle heads, but decided I would go in first and start listening to the bands. They were all local. Aidan's friend's band was called Lune. And they sounded decent! Really punk/rock/grunge... yeah, not my thing - but these guys were good.
Meet Aidan and Patty.

After Lune played we went around the back and sat outside in the cool air and it was fun. We caught up (cause I hadnt seen Aidan in so long) and talked about haircuts, leather jackets, past friends, schoolies.. lol. Patty and I also met Aidan's camp buddies and we found out that we were going to see them again at the Gaga party (see here). We were going to wait around for The Swamplords... but the rest of the warm up bands.. weren't great. And, we were all super tired. Aidan and Patty from their manly activities such as gym & tennis LOL, and me from such a loooooong day. So we were lame ragers and decided that we could catch the next bus home, and OH MAN for 9PM on a Monday night, Brisbane was packed. The bus we were in became so full. But we got primo seats, and just chilled, chatted continued our chats about friends, our future and leather jackets. I showed the boys some new music and it practically ended what was a great day.
BUT SERIOUSLY. You guys neeeeeed to check out The Swamplords. They are Brisbane born and bred, and rock the Surfy, Rockabiliy world/scene. MYSPACE THEM HERE!

Thanks for reading peeps :)
kazz; xo amped+dangerous.

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