Jun 22, 2010

i got me some Wang, Alexander Wang

'esque glasses.
won them off eBay. I cant wait!!!!!
if only I had them before the Gaga party I am attending..
ohhhhh yah. I am attending a Gaga themed party. it is going to be frikkin saweeeet.
The party is going to be themed into different sections, around the place. ie - Love Game, Poker Face etc...
As I have acquired my Lil Eos, I am adding to the theme of Paparazi (get it ? lol)
Everyone who is attending has to get dressed up, as its their ticket to get in.
Oh man.. its going to be awesome.
It is also the launch and first do for FAUXTHOUSAND! :D (more on that sooooonn....)
So I will definitely have some photos from the night.

kazz; xo amped+dangerous.

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