Apr 26, 2010

MEGA LUSH & mini diva - Haul

Can I just say how much I am in love with this store and all its amazing products.
I have certified myself, and my family as being ridiculously hippy, so Lush really does cater for us (; hahaha..
so, Twas my mothers b-day, this past Anzac day so I wanted to treat her to some LUSH-ness.
just so happens, that they were doing some amazing gift packs in the store I went to. (theres like one Lush store in the whole of BNE so, it definitely looks like I am stalking that store.
but oh well, its a sacrifice I am willing to make really.
I have been banning myself of buying anything new, for a couple of weeks now.. so I went (kinda) all out bought some Diva rings as well!! which by the way were like two for ten dollars!!!!
CRAZY! so thanks chlo, for the heads up.
seriously any tips of free shizz/discounts - let me know.

 so, first of all the amazing gift packs, which are super cheap for what you're getting in its beautifully packages box. so seriously, if you have always wanted to try Lush, or if you are a bit of fanatic of the brand and just want to try some of the other products: gift boxes are the way to go!
MAMA MIA - $19.99
what does it include?

SUGAR MAMA - $9.99!!!!!!
what does it include?
...oh hello chipped nail polish.
pssstttt - both packages also include a 10% discount voucher - hidden at the bottom of the box - SO DNT THROW IT AWAY!

AND!! I am so excited, cause I also got the Big Hair Affair pack!
this pack is soo affordable ($14.95 for 7 trial products!!) - it will (apparently) last you for a whole month.
you have till July to go and get one, and I must say - my cheeky mind did think about getting another pack once I have used up the first one! :D
what does it include?
well, all packs include the H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Moisturiser and the Jungle Solid Conditioner.
and then, you choose (with the help of the lovely lush ladies) which other products suit your hair type!
so i got, Curly Wurly Shampoo, Scenic Solid Shampoo, Godiva Solid Shampoo (which smells to die for), American Cream Double Strength Conditioner anddd Big Tease Styling Gel.
also, if you bring back any of the black packaged products (that youve obviously used up, and of course I will have used it all up!) you can claim 10% off an original size of the same product! (wooohoooo).

and.. I also got.

these rings we're originally, $18 and $15, but i got them for $10. YES FOR BOTH OF THEM!
so, run.. dnt walk
....to diva liiiike now!

Mexican Day of the Dead Ring
i needed to build up my silver ring collection, and this is like perfect - cause it fits all my fingers perfectly.
Gold and Marble Long Ring (this is a confused title...)
 so, so , soooo pretty :)

and so it ends another awesome, public holiday monday for me to go and spend some nice hard earned moolah! :) i also put another wad of money down for my Lil Eos, and I am down to the two hundred didget!! wooooooot. i cant wait to get it, and all the cool stuff with it -which i investigates costs over $200. awesome. ):

thanks for reading lovers, what are some stuff you have bought recently?
also, look out for my april favourites that i will hopefully be able to write soon'ish. 
although i feel like its going to be a short one. haha

kazz; xo amped+dangerous.

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