Jan 21, 2010


some new music for yall'
this is all thanks to the awesome playlist at NOVA's website.

these are some of my favourites of the week, slash month.
if you have any new music you guys would like to share - pls do!
oh and i added that reaction tool down at the bottom, to easier rate my posts.. so like use em hey.
how this is going to work: i have a video playlist here and below is the descriptions and stories abt it 
*FTWDK - for those who don't know.

1. Mowgli's Road - Marina and The Diamonds
when to listen to: pump it up in the gym, or 
while you're cutting up photos of your ex. 
FTWDK: she's welsh, she lives in london, up and coming i feel.
the song is crazy cool. especially the video clip.
it has a alternative pop feel - think la roux + florence and the machine... with a dirtier edge (the voice)

2. You've Changed - Sia

when to listen to: great getting ready song - before you hit the town.
i heart this song, its sooo catchy. 
i never liked sia, but for some reason her songs have grown on me.

3. Put It In A Love Song - Alicia Keys ft Beyonce

when to listen to: before asking out your boy or before going out raving
ohmagosh!!!! two of my favourite RnB singers...in one song?!?
this song is catchy,  - a mix of alicia's beautiful melodies and soul
voice and mix it with beyonce's genius beats you get a perfect rnb song :)
i cant stop pumping my fist!

its of alicia k's new album which i am excited to get.

4. Solar Midnite - Lupe Fiasco

when to listen to: while attempting jumping jacks or alternatively, a good driving song that wont put you to sleep.
FTWDK: Lupe Fiasco, i believe brought
alternative hip hop to the mainstream,
and reallllly made hip hop relate-able. american. just plain cool.
this is a song for those of us who are :(non-heavy metal freaks) and
can pretend that it is
hardcore enough for us to bash our heads against the wall to.  yeah....
its off the new moon soundtrack and can pass for both hip hop and rock :D

which is a great genre blend.
but then again, lupe is crazy creative with his words.. so i like listening to him rap.

5. Ambling Alp - Yeasayer
when to listen to: driving to the beach, gettin ruffed...
FTWDK: brooklyn band, appeared on Simeon Mobile Disco's Audacity of Huge - WHICH IS AWESOME!
this is one that has made the rounds at Triple J, Nova and on ipods of kids who think they are alternative and cool and think hanging out the valley during daylight makes them hardcore. yep, i went there!
it has a sweet melody, one that is quiet catchy.. and i love saying the bands name:

6. On A Mission - Gabriella Cilmi
when to listen to: girl pow wows.
FTWDK: gabriella cilmi, another aussie expat, residing in LDN using their music.. instead of our glorious musicians ;) hahah.. she's aiight.
i actually realllly liked her old album, had some great soulful/jazzy tunes. - this song however...meh.
its a total 80s revival (which i am not a big fan of)
see, what i cant stand abt the song is the fact that her voice doesnt really suit the song. feel like this song was actually written for someone else.. maddona? cilmi is better than this shizz.
but i know it will grown on me.
but then again i might delete.

7. Mercedes Benz - Sway
when to listen to: when you're feelin crunk/dope/'G'
FTWDK: not to be confused with Sway from MTV, not to be confused with Michael Buble's song. he's a British rapper, sounds nothing like Dizzee.. but more like Wiley.
this is song is pretty 'G'. if you listen carefully you can hear the sample of DJ Kool's Let Me Clear My Throat - you know the song The Clovers did the routine to in Bring It On?? yeaaaahhh that one! :)
the video clip is soo cool, and i really like it.

whatcha think?

kazz; xo

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