Jan 22, 2010

put a ring on it.

yes, it is true i am a little obsessed with rings :)
i mean c'mon both my headers are picture or rings - and so is my desktop wallpaper.
i have a lot of rings - all from DIVA, althought not as much as i would want to or as much as RZ has said.
but i am getting there. what i need to go is get more vintage pieces - cause they are the real deal.
which i should also point out now.. that my new consignment store that i have been dying to go to has a whole basketful of jewellery pieces. :O i cannot wait to spend a whole afternoon just to scrum around that basket for some beautiful pieces. i found one pair of earings today - they were amazing! and only $3!!!!! - but i have no money.. yep peeps - still unemployed. yay me.

so i thought i would share some favourite images of rings with you peeps - partly because they are gorgeous photography, and cause i have like any excuse to troll through picture after picture of rings :)
cause they give you a good idea of how to pair jewelery together for that right mix of OTT and glamour.

*ps all these images are from my enclosed link - fuckyeahrings.tumblr.com

 what i would give to be these ppl's friends.. hahah

 alexander mcqueen?

gosh, if she had painted her nails - i would have "i die" for this.

his and hers.

i wish my collection was this big :(

i want that ring! do you hear me boy?

loving the nail polish colour, and the rings :)

so now you know.
what to get me ;)


kazz; xo


Oh hello,