Jan 26, 2010

even barbie wants to be me.

its sad, but true.
barbie wants to be me.
;) this is all in light of my new nail colour - barbie pink.
which is a great hot pink!!
so its: BYS NAIL ENAMEL in Pink With A Punch (it was like AUD$5 from GRAB)
its a masssive dupe of M.A.C's Hello Kitty Collection in Something About Pink (M.A.C counter from Myer Center or David Jones, probably around $28-32 but this was limited stocks!! so try eBay.) and a dupe of Chanel's 209 Marilyn (Chanel Counter from Myer Center or David Jones, probably around the same as M.A.C or a bit more expensive - like $30-35 price range. eeeeeeekkkk) -so you know which one I will/went for. ;]
yay for nail polishes/enamels/varnishes

 now you will see my version!! :)
and notice the a) cam whoring and b) ring whoring

1. BYS Nail Enamel - Pink With A Punch
(rings: top to bottom)
2. Snake Ring (tarnished) - Diva
3. Oval Turquoise Ring (tarnishing...) - Diva
4. Rock and Roll Set Ring #1 "Rock" - Diva
5. Rock and Roll Ring Set #2 "Roll" - Diva
6. Oval Orangy/Pink Ring - Diva
7. Intwined Gold Ring (tarnished) - Diva
8. Large Plastic Rose Ring in Off White - Diva.

yay for DIVA!!!

kazz; xo

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