Jan 14, 2010

dirrrtty pop.

hahaha.. so the internet has slowed/died on us the last two weeks.
damn me for watching too much RACHEL ZOE PROJECT!
lol. anyway, as such i have been forced to hit up blockbuster.. as i do not own foxtel.
damn foxtel.
so here are a few recommendations slash HAUL on all thing tv series/movies/music.

1. WEEDS (Season 1 + 2)

Plot rundown: basically a suburban mom with two teenage kids trying to live the suburban lifestyle. Twist is - her husband has died, and she doesnt have a job. What does she turn to to upkeep this so called lifestyle? Dealing weeds to suburban moms and dads aka potheads. This show is BLACK COMEDY AT ITS FINEST!! The characters are amazingly written, the plot is so unusual and twisted. Pure original genius.
The show in its self is amazing. But whats even better is the soundtrack to the show. This show has grown in popularity especially cause of all the music buffs addicted to the soundtrack. Some of my favourite songs are from this show.. and they all remind me of specific scenes from the show - a fact which I love.
and.. hell Mary-Louise Parker who plays suburban mom Nancy, is sooo amazing at playing this character. basically you have to watch it. Season 1 and 2 are both at Blockbuster for you lot to hire out. Or go ahead a buy it from JB HiFi, or hey.. there is the internet. ;)

2. TRUE BLOOD (Season 1)

I know, I know.. another Vampire themed show ..
But I saw the opening credits with HBO's famous credit segment, and I was like.. okay this is going to be a good show. Some of my favourite shows are from HBO - Entourage for example.. which i am hanging on for the next season... lol
Okay, back tooo TRUE BLOOD, i saw on teh shelf of Blockbuster - thinking.,. so i have heard abt this show, but never watched it. cause i dont have foxtel or whatevs. and it was all of season 1 so i picked it up to watch it. and so far i have seen half of season 1 - it is 40min per episode which is awesome! - and what i have seen of it, i like.
the storyline is okay.. the plot is okay.. the characters are what makes this show what it is. (lol - look out for Laa'fayate and Tara (who is my favourite)). although it does friggin annoy me that the lead vampire dude is obviously another edward cullen. sheesh. A LOT of sexual innuendo which is a bit sick/twisted/creepy at times. but the show is actually reaaaaly interesting. mainly because it is set in Louisiana, (a southern country town in America) and everyone has cool southern accents which pinpoints this show different to all the other Hollywood obssesed shows that i normally watch. so i cant wait to finish watching this season.. and if you are bored.. looking to kill time - this is probably a great dvd marathon choice. as its doesn't bore you to death.


 um... yeah. i picked it up because i thought it was one of those movies where you have to watch you know. cause it just looked so epic. buttttttt it aint. dont get me wrong, the visual/landscape/costumes/HAIR is brilliant and sooo oh so beautiful. but the story line is ridiculous (lol even though its a true story) - there is BARELY ANY DIALOUGE. like wtf? and the movie is so far not going anywhere!!! yes.. i am in the process of watching the movie. and i am getting sooo frustrated. i do like how the directors have used modern songs as the soundtrack as opposed dreary depressing Braque shizz. and i hanging out to find the pink converse and somehting else... so far i havent found it. orrrr.. was that all a myth? :(
but i tell you what.. (and i am repeating myself) teh movie is shot beautifully, like this scene:


and now.. were onto music.
ahhhahah i am soooo excited. it is my first BDO and cannot wait. there are some great artist headlining this year - and i swore that i would not miss it.
i am the festival girl who is there for the music and the bands. i like being front centre stage. and singing along to the bands. so i like knowing all teh lyrics and really getting to know every beat/kick drum/guitar pick in the songs, so i can see if they do things differently - LIVE.
i know, i am a weird child - but you love me regardless.
in order to know the words.. i have made myself a BDO PLAYLIST.. to realllly get into the mood. ;)
so thats pretty sweeeeet.   ;|

..yeah that was it.

and now onto some new music i am loving at the moment and found.
um as the internet hated me i was unable to really look/find new music. so there arnt alot on moi's list.
but enjoy anyway..

1. The Waitress Song - Seth Sentry

he is our melbourne dawg. but this song is soooooo sweet.
almost stalkerish. lol
i would categorise this song the same as Lionel Richie's Hello song.

2. The Golden Age - Asteroid Galaxy Tour

one of my favourite bands.. she has an amazing voiiiiice.
and this song was a mission to find. lol
i heard it aaaaages, ago. but recently i heard it in a Sportsgirl store and i was like i need to know the name of this song. i had no idea who sang it or what the song was called. so i got my phone out and started to type out some of teh words of the song.. got home - tried to google that shizz and could not for the life of me find out what it was called. and the a couple of days later - i heard the song again on a myer ad. on tv. and i was getting soooo frustrated. lol all i had to work with was - "sing it out loud"
yeah.. lol but FINALLY I FOUND IT - and i saw that The Asteroid Galaxy Tour were responsible for this beautiful pop melody i literally laughed out loud. and they are danish. and the lead singer is just cool.

3. Cousins - Vampire Weekend

well what can i say abt these four. they are simply brilliant.
vampire weekend are (surprisingly) an American band who make great driving music. lol they are alternative and if you are heading to the beach/coast - you want these bad boys.
lol - this song is their new single i belive from their new album and is sooooo infectious.

that is all for now folks. :D
kazz; xo

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