Jan 7, 2010


this is the late night ramblings of a tired but excited young lady.
yes lady.
i have just watched the show: The Rachel Zoe Project.
now here i was thinking it was some lame ass rip off of a Project Runway.. but no.
It my version of a perfect show. Its my.. "Lost" - Its my.. "Sex and the City" (not too big on this show.. but i am fan of the movies" and its my "Three Stooges/Home and Away/Desperate Housewives" etc. you get my drift. it is epic to me. or as Rachel Zoe would say it "...bananas".
Anywho, i am hooked to that shizz.
And am waiting to start the next episode... YAY!
now i know this all sounds like another one of crazy kaz's phases.
i have always loved my Team Zoe. ever since i picked up her book (at the Library.. i dnt buy books) :
A - Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, & Everything Glamour!
it was a kick-ass book. and the illustrations were just beutiful.. to D-I-E 4.


a bit sad that i borrowed it.. cause i reaaalllyyy liked it. i think i will buy it. :D
Anyway she has been a pivotal person in shaping how i wear things. a lot of what my friends would call "thats a kaz thing"
was borrowed from a rachel zoe thing. thanks yo.
plus she's short - i can relate. ;)

i love coffee table books such as these.
after i read this rachel zoe one.. i picked up (again from the library) the Nina Garcia's The One Hundred (A Guide to the pieces every stylish woman should own).

I laped this book up. haha..again a bit sad that i didint buy it.
I need to own these damned books.
A lil tip/need to know info.
Nina Garcia is/was the editor of Elle Magazine and is a judge on Project Runway.

so thats my lil excited spiel..
now on to more pressing issues.
my DIY project went off with a bang this evening.. and i am 95% complete with my embellished shoulder top. i am sooooooo excited. i think it looks aight actually. of course i will take pictures.. and some basic tutorial.. it turned out a bit differently to what i thought it might be. but i like it. :D
reaaaaaallllly... like it. i decided i would make two. and i making the second one tomorrow. :D
cant wait.
ps - hot glue guns are ridiculous.
and dangerous.

off to more rachel zoe.


kazz; xo

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