Jan 18, 2013


As a fan of pop culture reading blogs are only one of my many ways in which I used to get my fix. Thought mostly the blogs revolve around music or DIY, I do love the odd editorial piece. One in particular being the effervescent and colourful Georgia V. , a close friend of mine, who writes on her own blog "Speakeasys". She recounts tales and memories all with a bite of satire and hilarity. Her most recent pieces is one dedicated to the men we all date whilst in our 20s. Where most people who read my blog are still at the beginning stages of these, I know I have readers who are well and truly more experienced with this particular stage in life. So whether you're gearing up for the shit storm ahead (as Gigi would lead you to believe) or if you simply wanted to recount your illsutrious years.. then this piece is most definitely for you: 
"It is at this point you realise that what you have picked up, is a rat trying to bite off your finger with a bit of alfoil stuck on its head. It does take a few moments for this realisation to process itself before you leap off hetero plateau to run to the barren lesbian hills.
The Indie Sleaze is charming but unassuming, oh gee what a nice, funny, sensitive guy. He asks about your family and interests, and shares everything about himself while planting the idea of more in your head. Wouldn’t it be great he says if we took your (insert family members and/or best friends) to that new pan asian restaurant that is down the alley where you have to have a secret knock and when you finally get in, the chairs are really milk crates! "

Read the full piece on Georgia's blog here: Speakeasys.
I am proud to have such talented friends!

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The beautiful males are courtesy of Tommy Ton himself. 

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