Dec 13, 2012


'Nuff said. Click the pretty button to get to more pictures.
Since posting my TRENDY article on the Transparent Clutch movement (click here for that post!), I legit couldn't stop thinking about how I could fashion my own. I would lay there on my bed about to go to sleep, when my mind would wonder on how I could get the bag using my crafty DIY methods. Bunnings to the rescue. 

Now this is more of a "Look, I made a DIY guys!" more so than "Learn how to make this kickass DIY" post. As I simply followed the simple and brilliant tutorial from Geneva's (from A Pair & A Spare) transparent / clear clutch tutorial. Click here for the post. So no credit taken on my part here. 

It was really was so incredibly easy to do. I decided to make my own template, as I wanted a smaller clutch. So, not including the designing on the template - this DIY took me about 10 minutes to do. I absolutely love love love how it has turned out! It was very simple with minimum fuss. In saying that, I am still in the process of finalising it, as I am going to fashion an appropriate clasp. And once I do. I will most definitely post another photo of it here :)


Seriously guys, consider sponsoring me. I will bring forth you a whole new demographic otherwise gaping in your portfolio. So what do you think people??? DIY December is roaring on.

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  1. You're ridiculously creative, and I really want one of these!

  2. I love these clutches- they're so chic! As soon as I saw Geneva's tutorial I knew I wanted to make my own but I cant find a square of PVC anywhere!:( Could you please tell me where you got yours? Love the clutch you made, when I made mine I think I'm going to add some glitter or neon trim yay or nay? Xo

    1. Hey Meg :)
      I got mine from a hardware store. And that your best bet really. But I quickly found that going to the hardware store, they can be called something different everyweher. So whilst Geneva called it PVC - at my hardware store it was called plastic sheets. So just go for a wonder around your hardware store and you'll find something similar to use :) Hope that helps!

      Cant wait to see how yours turns out! xx

  3. What measurements did you use?

  4. where did you get your gold screws/bolts

    1. I Ivy! I got them at the hardware store - if you go to a bigger hardware store, you will have more variety in the size and color. Otherwise - go online! Even better!


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