Dec 7, 2010

Solestruck delivery, Jeffrey Campbells, Happiness x 6.12.2010

«DAY 5                                             DAY 6                                         DAY 7»

  • My Solestruck order worth over $600AUD arrived, so happy.
  • These included shoes for my brother and mother and I consisting of: Jeffrey Campbells, Hush Puppies, Vans and etc.
  • Watched all of Season 2 Dexter. I am really liking this show. I asked my mum if there is something wrong with me liking tv shows that make you empathise with people who do very very bad things (Weeds, Breaking Bad)

I actually have a heap of photos from this day :)
The package, and following are my shoes.

1x BC Footwear Dont Sweat The Technique
2x Jeffrey Campbell's Oh Yes in Cheetah
3x Jeffrey Campbell's Winger in Khaki

They are all soooooo comfy. This is my biggest shopping splurge in 6 months, as I have been diligently saving for my trip overseas. But these are oh so very worth it.
And gang, Solestruck are one of the best companies I have had the pleasure in dealing with. They were very kind when my card screwed up and the speedy delivery is a god send.
Even my mum and brother were excited.


On a side note, I was reading my blogroll, when I came across this question from Canadian blogger Lily from Bleeding for Fashion where she asked the question: What is your definition of happiness.
I thought it was a great question, below is my response, and I was so interested and intrigued in other people's responses.

Happiness to me is constantly discovering new things. Be it music, fashion, friends, something that makes me go, wow that is so cool. When I find something that is new and fresh and has its own twist to it, it makes me very happy.

Ask any of my friends, and they will say that I am very much a happy person. Always smiling and laughing. As weird as it sounds, I have trained myself to be so. Not in a creepy depressed way... but I have always believed that you should always project happiness and not let other people feed off any bad energy you might be feeling inside. And soon enough you will find, that the bad energy just goes away, happiness is simply infectious. There is just no point in being negative (or I guess I mean sharing negative energy) it doesn't do anyone any good :)

THANKS FOR THE QUESTION LILY, Loved it and I loved reading everyone's definition.

kazz, ☮+ xo.

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  1. Your happiness is definitely infectious!



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