Jun 14, 2010


it is no surprise, that when Miu Miu released its Spring/Summer collection for this year, that fashion bloggers and DIY'ers alike took to their turn in replicating these beautiful prints and clothes.
i took an easier approach :)

Well, your basic manicure - shape, polish and buff.
Then I grabbed my Sally Hensen Top and Base Coat and painted that on.
Next, I painted my nails with like this $2 nail polish, it is Ulta3 in Spring Fling..I heart this nail polish.
Then got mother to draw some swallow prints on to the nails. We first tried a Sharpie (a wise move) but cause the one we had was way to fat, we used a black ink pen.. still pretty good.. but obviously will streak a little if not careful. So if possible, definitely go for a Sharpie - a thinner one. :)
Then the most important step is too put a top coat on (Sally Hensen, or Cutex Top Coat) so that the swallows don't rub off.

The post by Blue is in Fashion This Year, on Miu Miu DIYers galore is so helpful and inspirational.
There are heaps of ideas and different bloggers all doing it Miu Miu style with a hot glue gun.

ARGH, so envious of this. (click the picture to get to the post)

I am upto more DIY No Good; with this sweater, to be turned into something cool. Haha..
I have been inspired by the shredded tee tutorials.
So i am going to keep going with this, while i watch Good News Week.
Maybe some embellishments? Inspired by more Miu Miu .....yes I am a little obsessed.
i think i am going to look like a grandma.. hahah

kazz; xo amped+dangerous.

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