Mar 6, 2010

February Favourites

havent seen yall in a while. I have been inundated with uni stuff this past two weeks.
its kinda sad that its only my second week in. and i have three assignments due and one due yesterday.
but i must say i am trying to be positive and just getting all the shizz done. haha
So, if you are not familiar with how these "favorites things work", basically its a Youtube Beauty Community thing, where all the Beauty gurus, put up all their favourite things from the month before as a guide of what they like/worked good/fan of, not a fan of etc. usually its just make up and/or beauty products, but i thought i would share with you all that and more, like random shizz. :)
so here we go mofos.
so these were all i was kinda obsessed with in the month of feb, i dnt think i have shared these ones with you guys yet,... i have also found an easier way to blog abt music. hahaha.. i know, a bit slow but at least i got there - so all my favourite music from the month is in a youtube playlist, so basically just click on to the next video when youre ready to listen to it.
not too sure if its in order or not. but here is the list:
1. Fortune Teller - Xavier Rudd
so earthy and hippie, i love it.
have been a long time fan of good ol' xavier. 
this song was on SYTYCDA the other night, 
and couldn't get enough of it :)
2. Expectations - Belle & Sebastian
its from the Juno soundtrack, which i didn't realise 
when i downloaded it, i first saw it on a youtube diy video.
it deffs has that juno/kimya dawson feel to it. lol
3. Remember Me - Tame Impala
OHMY GOD! i absolutely love this song. i would defs make love to this song...
*awkward* (wait what?) 
i mean not to it, but it would be in the background.. 
okay i really shouldn't have explained myself.. :S 
i am now INLOVE with TAME IMPALA for this song, 
i heard it aaaaaaages/yonks/back in the day on triplej  
and never knew who sang it or what the song was.. 
 but finally i have, and cant wait to get my hands on the new TAME IMPALA EP.
4.  Audience of One - Cold War Kids
I imagine listening to this one on a drive somewhere, 
preferably running away from the hustle bustle 
(cliche, but whatever) of the city , and towards the surf :_)
5. I Think I Like It - Fake Blood
this song just makes me smile realllyyyy.. and its such 
a good alternative to all the (pardon my french) 
shit music there is out there pumping up and 
down in the valls. hahah.. 
6.  3 Words - Cheryl Cole ft Will.I.Am
i have to mention that i..hate cheryl cole 
in this song, her voice does not sit well with the smoothness
that is's voice, but nonetheless it is a great song, 
well, i think so anyway..
7. Pictures - Illy
you didint think i would complete this list without an 
aussie hip hop song did you? you wish mofos. 
this song has one of the best hooks + beats out there 
at the mo. "foot prints in the sand, change of plans.."

i seriously have been wearing my Australis Colour Inject Pink 
lipstick (pictured) like every night out in lately, especially in feb 

black tea + milk + one sugar/honey
as i am trying to cut down on caffeine intake.. although proving unsuccessful 
with the enormous uni load that i have. 
(image via tumblr/ifuckinlovetea)

raywilliamjohnson's breakingNYC
(breaking nyc is like watching a guide to nyc, plus a tv comedy 
plus political satire.. yeah i dunno> just watch it i guess?)
(found another cool/useful makeup guru)
(these guys are just hilarious, and cute. they're like the 
english version of the lonely island boys)

(image via

this show is like all abt how to be a man, but at the same time defies all the stereotype held by by society abt football players and what not. all while reinforcing these beliefs, i think its this weird balance that makes me soooo addicted to it. hahaah
i know i shouldn't like it, but i do.

and thats about it is i think. :)
now i am off to transfer some money, so i can score myself some vintage goodies and the monthly? bi-monthly CHEAP FRILLS BAZAAR! yay.
thanks yos.

kazz; xo

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