Jan 2, 2010

why dont you take a photo?! it will last longer.

well some major things happened today.
1. i quit my job - without the security of another job to go to.
so a bit stressed about that one. haha. but i dnt care. i couldnt stay at where i was any longer.
so - i would like to go out to celebrate.. alas.. no one to go with. :(

2.  lol, so usually at work (the one i just quit) i have to ask for a name so we can call it out when they're food is ready.
and this guy - Nelson. LOL
was like (after my asking him name for the order) "so do you want my number with that?"
hahahahah... awww poor boy. - all i could muster was.
"um.. no - but thank you though.."
neof the few things i will miss abt the place.

3. i have decided that iould like to by myself a good camera. the SLR kind.
so i can take cool pictures like this!!:

Jak and Jil Blog.

 The Sartrialist

Lol, so now i am reading up on SLR's and Single Reflex Camera shizz.
yay me.
and yay for being unemployed.


kazz; xo

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