Dec 26, 2009

reminds me of alice in wonderland.

amongst many other scandalous things, gossip girl graces up with some brilliant fashion moments.
who can shed the image.. of every 13 year old girl grabbing her own headband from DIVA, in the hopes that she too will look like Blair Waldorf.
my head dont fit headbands.. luckily i didint fall into that trap so easily..
however, i am seriously considering this new trend.

jenny, and blair rocked their school uniforms with heels. most of the time whilst wearing SOCKS!
i know i know.. so people are like ew, wtf?
but hey, i say. if you can pull it off.
then why not?
it keeps your toes warm.. and it will make you look different and from the 60s. :)
and who doesnt want that. hahah..

but there are obviously some rules you need to follow so you dont look like a d*ck.
  1. definately CHUNKY HEELS when wearing sock w/ heels.
  2. nooo no no chunky socks, wool, crappy woven shizz when wearing socks w/heels
  3. (i know some ppl do this) but try to avoid crazy printed socks with heels. (just looks dumb)
  4. best bet: if its a dark pair of CHUNKY HEELS - go for darker coloured socks.
  5. if its a lighter pair of CHUNKY HEELS - go for a lighter coloured sock.
  7. Know what works for you.
    Some of us can pull of the high knee socks with our heel, and yet some of us pull of the ankle socks with heels.
  8. wear them with confidence and flirtatiousness. ;)


Peaches Geldoff

Loui Vuitton

whadaya think?

kazz; xo

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